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Novembre pour l'album "Materia"


Novembre pour l'album "Materia" Entretien avec Carmelo (guitare/chant) (2006)
Hi Carmelo! You're about to release your sixth album called "Materia". How do you feel at this moment?

Very excited. Can’t wait to see the reaction of the listeners…

It was a long time to wait until the release of this new album. Was it hard to lead this project to an end? How has the band evolve during these 4 years?

Yeah, it’s been quite a long transaction from our old label to this one. It took kind of two years to get the papers signed and countersigned, write the new stuff, get it recorded etc…
In the meanwhile we evolved as songwriters, we got more confident with our instruments, our skills…

What can we expect from this album?

A great album, our best to date. To me it’s just perfect, can’t stop listening to it. It’s just great when you make an album and you can’t get tired of.

What do you like in it? Do you have a favourite song?

The harmonies, the vocals, the lyrics, the hugely professional production. We actually never had a this big production which is the combination between my brother’s Outer Sound studios and the famous Finnvox studios in Helsinki.

Is there a concept behind "Materia"? What do the lyrics deals with?

There’s not a concept actually. As always, I write the lyrics in the final part of the song writing process. I write them quite quickly, in the flow, very instinctively and I’d need to read them again to figure out what they mean. But I think lyrics are never to be explained.

Where do you find your inspiration to write such nostalgical songs? How are you in the everyday life?

I’m fine thanx :))) Well jokes apart, I just try to separate my daily life from the Novembre activity. The inspiration comes from within. It might sound rhetorical, you might say everyone says so but that’s the way it is.

For this new album, you change your label. Was it hard to find a new one? How spent the collaboration with Peaceville Records?

It wasn’t hard at all. We recorded a three song demo and got a great interest. We went for Peaceville coz it’s the label we should have always been signed to. It’s the home of the greatest bands ever and we’re just part of it. That makes you feel good. It makes you really think you’ve been writing great albums.
By the time we signed the deal, I could have actually stopped playing. It’s the label of my favourite bands of all times… They’re great people, they put you at ease, they talk to you and treat you like a friend not just like a potential money income.

A tour with Katatonia is already scheduled. Do you appreciate their music? Did you listen to their last album "The Great Cold Distance"?

Absolutely!!! It’s a fucking great album. I think it’s the best they did since “Dance December souls”. Can’t wait to see them playing those songs live.
I think it’s gonna be an unforgettable tour. Perfect band combination…

"Dreams D'Azur" is a rerecording of your first album "Wish I Could Dream It Again". Why did you decide to do that? Were you satisfy with the result?

Oh yeah, it’s just perfect!!!. "Dreams D'Azur" is just what "Wish I Could Dream It Again" would be if we were good as we’re today and if we got more than 12 days of recording. We were actually quite uncertain about our future and what to do with our old label. So we thought we needed more time to decide what was the right thing to do and what better way to lengthen the times then doing what I dreamt of since years?
So after "Dreams D'Azur" was ready and out we decided ask for the termination of the contract.

Now a difficult question: except the new one, what is your favorite album of your discography and why?

Yeah man, it’s hell of a difficult question. Maybe Classica??? But what about Novembrine Waltz if only we had a bigger budget???

What do you do for a living apart from the band?

We all have side jobs.

What are you listening to these days? Any good metal (or not metal) albums to recommend?

Well, besides Materia, I’m listening to Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, The Smiths but sometimes I switch to old Metallica, Entombed, Dismember, Pestilence.

Thanx for the interview and try to come to Lyon next time ;) The last words are yours!

Yeah hopefully. In the mean time see you in Paris and Beauvais (Metalalliance Festival).
Thanx so much for this cool interview. Take care.


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