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Ander372 ALBUM(S) NOTE(S)
7th Nemesis / Klone / Zubrowska
Reader's ChoiceCore / Extrême / Metal2009 - VS Webzine Records6/10
A Perfect Circle
Mer de NomsRock planant aux influences metalliques2000 - Virgin Records8/10
Fragmented AtrocitiesBrutal Death2013 - Sevared Records6/10
Transcend Through SacrificeBrutal Death2011 - Sevared Records7/10
Global FlatlineBrutal Death2012 - Century Media5/10
Coronary ReconstructionBrutal death2010 - Listenable Records4/5
Strychnine.213Death metal2008 - Century Media6/10
Slaughter & ApparatusDeath Metal2007 - Century Media7.5/10
The Archaic AbattoirBrutal Death2005 - Listenable Records7.5/10
GoremageddonBrutal Death / Grind2003 - Listenable Records9/10
Engineering The DeadBrutal Death2001 - Listenable Records7/10
AntichristOriginal progressive Death/Black2007 - Earache Records8/10
Alabama Thunderpussy
Open FireHeavy sudiste2007 - Relapse Records6/10
EventualityMetal progressif technique2005 - Willowtip Records8/10
American Head Charge
The War of ArtNéo métal énervé2001 - Sony Music7/10
The Conductor's DepartureDeath Métal Original2006 - Earache Records8/10
Under A Stone With No InscriptionDeath Metal2004 - Wicked World8.5/10
The Infernal Depths Of HatredAnata's Death métal1998 - Season of Mist9/10
Reflections Within DissonanceBrutal Death Technique2010 - Unique Leader Records8/10
We Are The NightmareDeath Technique2008 - Nuclear Blast6.5/10
United In RegretDeath mélodique technique2006 - Willowtip Records7.5/10
A Diamond For DiseaseDeath Technique2005 - Willowtip Records3.5/5
A Celebration of GuiltDeath technique2004 - Willowtip Records6.5/10
At The Gates
The Red In The Sky Is OursCultissimes débuts du death mélodique1992 - Peaceville Records7/10
Apocalyptic Nature FuryBrutal Death Technique2006 - Galy Records8.5/10
Atrocious Abnormality
Echoes Of The RottingBrutal Death2007 - Comatose Music7/10
Fragmentary EvidenceBrutal Death Technique Progressif2009 - Nuclear Blast9.5/10
ConcealedBrutal Death Progressif2004 - Galy Records9/10
Never To DawnBrutal Death2012 - Unique Leader Records7.5/10
Ominous BloodlineBrutal Death2005 - Unique Leader Records8/10
The ApostasyDeath-Metal2007 - Regain Records8/10
Beneath The Massacre
IncongruousBrutal Death technique moderne2012 - Prosthetic Records8/10
Marée NoireBrutal Deathcore2010 - Prosthetic Records3/5
DystopiaBrutal Deathcore2008 - Prosthetic Records8.5/10
Mechanics Of DysfunctionBrutal Deathcore2007 - Prosthetic Records8.5/10
Evidence Of InequityBrutal death technique2005 - Galy Records4/5
Carnivore SublimeBrutal Death Grind Groovy2014 - Season of Mist7/10
Asylum CaveBrutal Death Moderne et Groovy2011 - Season of Mist7/10
IconBrutal death moderne et varié2007 - Osmose Productions7.5/10
IdentisickBrutal death groovy2006 - Adipocere Records7.5/10
ICPBrutal Death2004 - Adipocere Records8/10
Beyond Mortal Dreams
Dreaming DeathBrutal Dark Death Metal2012 - Autoproduction4/5
From HellBrutal Dark Death Metal2008 - Autoproduction7.5/10
Devouring DeceptionBrutal Death2010 - Comatose Music4/5
On The Inexistence Of GodBrutal Death2008 - Comatose Music8.5/10
Blood Red Throne
Blood Red ThroneDeath Metal2013 - Sevared Records6/10
Come DeathDeath Metal2007 - Earache Records7.5/10
Altered GenesisDeath Metal2005 - Earache Records7.5/10
Blotted Science
The Animation Of EntomologyDeath technique expérimental et instrumental2011 - Eclectic Electric4/5
The Machinations Of DementiaDeath Technique Instrumental2007 - Eclectic Electric8/10
Brain Drill
Quantum CatastropheBrutal Death Technique2010 - Metal Blade7/10
Apocalyptic FeastingBrutal Death Technique2008 - Metal Blade8.5/10
Cannibal Corpse
TortureDeath metal2012 - Metal Blade6.5/10
Evisceration PlagueDeath metal2009 - Metal Blade6/10
KillBrutal death metal2006 - Metal Blade8/10
The Wretched SpawnDeath gore2004 - Metal Blade7/10
BloodthirstDeath metal1999 - Metal Blade7/10
Gallery Of SuicideDeath Métal1998 - Metal Blade7.5/10
VileDeath metal1996 - Metal Blade8/10
Butchered at BirthDeath Metal1991 - Metal Blade6.5/10
Deformed Future // Genetic NightmareBrutal Death2008 - Unique Leader Records8/10
Cattle Decapitation
Monolith Of InhumanitySchizophrenic Anti-Human Vegan Modern Extreme Metal2012 - Metal Blade8/10
The Harvest FloorBrutal Death Barré2009 - Metal Blade8/10
Karma.Bloody.KarmaBrutal Death Barré2006 - Metal Blade8.5/10
Putrescent Infectious RabidityBrutal Death2010 - Sevared Records7/10
Cephalic Carnage
Lucid IntervalRocky Mountain Hydro Grind2011 - Relapse Records3/5
XenosapienHydrogrind2007 - Relapse Records7/10
Chaos Inception
The AbrogationDeath Metal2012 - Lavadome Productions7.5/10
Collision With OblivionBrutal Death2009 - Brutalized Records8/10
ResurrectionPower/Thrash2007 - Roadrunner Records7.5/10
ChimairaPower/Thrash2005 - Roadrunner Records8/10
The Impossibility Of ReasonMetalcore2003 - Roadrunner Records8.5/10
Unorthodox Creative CriteriaThrash jazzy technique et brutal2005 - Sekhmet Records8/10
GenesisDeath technique2000 - Sekhmet Records7.5/10
CryptopsyBrutal Deathcore Technico-Chaotique2012 - Autoproduction7.5/10
The Unspoken KingDeathcore2008 - Century Media2.5/10
Once Was NotBrutal death technique2005 - Century Media8.5/10
None So LiveBrutal death ultra technique2003 - Century Media3.5/5
And Then You'll BegBrutal death ultra technique2000 - Century Media8.5/10
Whisper SupremacyBrutal death ultra technique1998 - Century Media9/10
None So VileBrutal death technique1996 - Wrong Again Records9.5/10
Blasphemy Made FleshBrutal death technique1994 - Displeased Records8/10
Carbon-Based AnatomyMoitié de Cynic2011 - Season of Mist3/5
Re-TracedCynic light2010 - Season of Mist1/5
Traced In AirCynic2008 - Season of Mist8.5/10
FocusCynic1993 - Roadrunner Records7.5/10
Dark Tranquillity
The GalleryDeath mélodique1995 - Osmose Productions9/10
Darkall Slaves
Abysses Of SeclusionBrutal Death2013 - Kaotoxin Records3.5/5
Daylight Dies
Lost To The LivingDark/Doom atmosphérique2008 - Candlelight Records7/10
Dismantling DevotionDark/Doom atmosphérique2006 - Candlelight Records8/10
No ReplyDark/Doom2002 - Relapse Records7/10
Dead Congregation
Promulgation Of The FallDeath Metal2014 - Martyrdoom Productions8.5/10
Graves Of The ArchangelsBrutal Blasphemous Death Metal2008 - Nuclear War Now! Productions8/10
Purifying Consecrated GroundBrutal Blasphemous Death Metal2005 - Konqueror Records3.5/5
The Sound Of PerseveranceSommet de l'évolution1998 - Nuclear Blast8/10
SymbolicDeath metal1995 - Roadrunner Records8.5/10
Individual Thought PatternsParachèvement du Death Metal1993 - Relativity Records8/10
Deathspell Omega
DroughtBlack orthodoxe alambiqué2012 - Norma Evangelium Diaboli4/5
ParacletusDeathspell Omega RPZ2010 - Season of Mist / Norma Evangelium Diaboli7.5/10
Mass Grave AestheticsBlack Metal2008 - Norma Evangelium Diaboli3.5/5
chronique Chronique
Clearing the Path to Ascend
interview Interview
Thrashinterview : Julien de Gorod se dévoile
report Live report
Belenos + Melechesh
chronique Chronique
Voitto tai Valhalla
chronique Chronique
5 : The Gray Chapter
chronique Chronique
Planet Satan
chronique Chronique
Rorcal / Process of Guilt
Split (Split 12")
chronique Chronique
Be All End All
report Live report
Beastmilk + Daniel Bay + In Solitude
chronique Chronique
Jean Jean
chronique Chronique
Acid Bath
Paegan Terrorism Tactics
chronique Chronique
Tussen Hun en de Zon
chronique Chronique
Adam And Steve
chronique Chronique
Anaal Nathrakh
chronique Chronique
Le Pré Où Je Suis Mort
Le Pré Où Je Suis Mort (EP)
chronique Chronique
Potestas.Ratio.Iustitia (EP)
chronique Chronique
Loma Prieta
chronique Chronique
Grave Digger
Return Of The Reaper
chronique Chronique
Thou / The Body
Released from Love (Coll.)
chronique Chronique
From the Vastland
Temple of Daevas
chronique Chronique
Sovereign Nocturnal (Rééd.)
chronique Chronique
Koozar / Bangi Vanz Abdul
chronique Chronique
Pleading For Death... Choking On Life (EP)
report Live report
Helvete Underground Festival
Bölzer + Darkspace + Rorcal
chronique Chronique
Deathscapes of the Subconscious
chronique Chronique
Taman Shud
chronique Chronique
Interment / Brutally Deceased
Glory Days, Festering Years (Split-CD)
chronique Chronique
Jesus Cröst
chronique Chronique
Pretty Low
chronique Chronique
The Divination of Antiquity