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She Said Destroy pour l'album "Time Like Vines"


She Said Destroy pour l'album "Time Like Vines" Entretien avec Snorris (guitare/chant) (2006)
1. Hi! At first, could you present the band and sum up your carrier so far for those who don't know you yet?

Hi. We are Anders, guitars and vocals, Eystein, bass, Norris, drums, and Snorris, guitars and vocals. We have released a couple of demos under the name “Peppermynte Gymsokk”, and then after changing our name in 2003 and releasing our demo “Armageddon, Anyone?” in 2004, we got signed to NAP/Candlelight. Our debut album was released on April 10. It is nice, I like.

2. What is the meaning of the band's name "She Said Destroy"?

It is from when a friend of ours was attacked by his woman next door. She went after him with a couple of hockey skates and ripped his whole wardrobe apart before the cops came.

3. I discovered your band with the new album "Time Like Vines" and I found your music very original and surprising. How would you define it and what are your influences?

I would define it as experimental extreme metal, with influences from hardcore, black metal, grind, death, doom, the whole shebang. Artists that have influenced us are Converge, Akercocke, Thorns, Olsenbanden, Death, Darkthrone, Isis, Jakka, Nasum, etc.

4. What can we expect from this new album?

A challenging listening experience. An album that pushes boundaries and tries to do something new without resorting to synth or clean vocals.

5. What do you like in it? Do you have a favorite song?

I like everything. The production, the cover, the music. It turned out exactly as we wanted. Hopefully, a lot of other people will feel the same. My favourite is probably “Der Untergeher” or the title track.

6. Can you tell us more about the lyrics on this album? Where do you find your inspiration?

Anders writes the lyrics. They are mostly self indulgent and hopeless. He doesn’t look much further than the tip of his cock for inspiration.

7. What means the numbers at the end of some of the songs like "Armageddon, Anyone? (I)" or "I Sense A Tempest Rising (II)"?

The numbers are there to illustrate that these particular songs are tied together thematically. These songs might be about the world going straight to hell at the hands of humanity. It’s nuclear assault salted with black metal and sweetened with emo.

8. How spent the writing process and how long did it last?

We wrote two of the songs right before we went into the studio. The rest was made during the previous two years.

9. Was it hard to lead this album to an end? How spent the collaboration with Candlelight Records?

It was a lot of work to lead this album to the very end, but all in all it went pretty smooth. The collaboration with Candlelight has been great.

10. Is there a tour planed to promote your new album?

We are going to tour England and Ireland in August, with Cryptopsy and Gorerotted. Hopefully we will get to tour the rest of Europe later this year.

11. What do you do for a living apart from the band?

Anders works at a hotel, Eystein is a fitness instructor, and Norris is a bum. Just like me.

12. What are you listening to these days? Any good metal (or not metal) albums to recommend?

Certainly. I listen to Cocteau Twins, David Sylvian, Depeche Mode, Woven Hand, Antony and the Johnsons, and Cult Of Luna a lot these days. If I put on some mmmmmeerrrruuhl I like to listen to Extol, Akercocke, Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza. I would also recommend the Norwegian band Benea Reach, who are releasing their debut album in late May. Heavy stuff.

13. What is your opinion concerning the metal webzines? Are you a reader of them?

I read the ones that are written in English. Lambgoat, Digital-metal, Ultimate-metal. They are good for new albums and other news.

14. Thanx for the interview. The last words are yours!

Buy our album. Or download it. We don’t care. But show it to your friends. And come to our concerts. VINSJAN PÅ KAIA!!!!!!!!!!!


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